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J. Krokus Nursery Inc.

927 route 45

New City , New York 10956

Phone:(845) 362-0232

Fax:(845) 354-3648

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J. Krokus Nursery has been in business since 1973. That's over fourty years. We are a family owned and operated buisness with three generations curently working at the nursery with a fourth in training. We employ knowledgeable experienced staff. Most of us have between fifteen and thirty years experience and the owner James Krokus Sr. has over fifty years. We have two New York certified nurserymen and a New York certified pesticide applicator. We have everything for your outdoor gardening needs. We have a large selection of flowering trees and shrubs in many sizes. We also have all kinds of evergeens weather you need a ground cover or a large evergreen tree for screening or wind protection. If you have a special spot that needs a special plant to accent the area or be a spot light we have a huge selecton of ornimental specimens of all shapes, sizes, colors and growing habits to fill your needs. We have an ever changing selection of perenials to keep your property colorful all growing season long. If your looking to add some seasonal color like annuals flowers, chrysanthemums, flowering cabbage and kale we have that also. Most importantly if your not sure what you want or need we have honest knowledgeble staff to help you make the right decisions. If you would feel more comfortable to let a professionals handle it, we have a designer that can design somthing to furfill your needs and budget. Each design is cutom to your needs and conditions. Also we do our best to keep in mind anything you may or may not want into the design process. We also carry a full line of bagged and bulk mulches , bagged stone, bagged soil, bulk compost, grass seed and many other products for your oudoor needs. We offer local delivery and/or installation if needed.


Buy local  Buying local supports the local economy and stimulates local growth much more than big box stores.

Latest News


Its finaly spring! Let the snow be gone!


 Our bedding pants are off to a nice start and pansys are blooming and ready to go.



First of many trucks filled with fresh trees and shrubs arrives.


We have all your lawn needs in stock ready to go.



Monday - Saturday 8:00-5:00

Sunday 9:00-5:00

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J. Krokus nursery Inc. 

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Timely Tips:

Its the perfect time to touch up your lawn and do any seeding

Fertilize your lawn and also trees, shrubs and perenials this spring to get them off to a good start

Great time to plant trees and shrubs so take advantage soft spring soil and mild temperature

Mulch the beds before perenials come up to make it easier and prevent weeds

Put weed preventer in the beds

Start your flower and veggie seeds indoors

Spay fruit trees with horticultural oir before they bloom

Plan out ant tree and shrub planting you want todo.April thru June is one of the best times of year to plant and you will have the greatist selection of fresh new material to choose from

Most important, stop by J. Krokus Nursery to see whats new and get ideas. We look forward to seeing you and helping you with any of your lawn and gaeden needs


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